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F.E.S. Foundation for the Support of Classical Music Art

About the Foundation

Since 2020, F.E.S. Foundation has been supporting young talents in the sphere of classical music, working with the regions of Russia, and introducing the masterpieces of world opera classics to the Russian audience.

In 2020, the Foundation held a series of sold-out concerts in St. Petersburg with stars of the world opera and young Russian performers.

In 2021, F.E.S. will present concert programs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as a large multi-format Art Festival in Sochi.



The strategic goal of the Foundation is to create a stable, transparent system for finding and supporting young talents in the sphere of opera and ballet, to help artists realize their potential on the Russian and world stage.

«We all speak different languages, live on different continents, think differently, but each of us perceives the universal, lively and multifaceted language of music. That is why F.E.S. Cultural Development Foundation was created» —

–  Igor Smolin, President of the F. E. S. Foundation

«We created F.E.S. for one purpose – the development of musical culture and art here in Russia, which is impossible without working with young talents. F.E.S. FOUNDATION impossible without working with young talents. F.E.S. FOUNDATION team has big plans, because each of us has been involved or is now working in the classical music business. The Foundation is a matter of honor for us. Therefore, choosing quality as a priority in our work, focusing on the European principles of partnership, we are open to an honest dialogue and invite you to collaborate»

— Dmitry Diedukh, Chief Executive Officer of F.E.S. Foundation

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